The Jamison Family

Ryan, Sarah, Makenna and Kai

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Providence Canyon!

Ryan wanted to go up Providence canyon tonight to see how much snow was up there compared to the valley. So we did! There was quite a bit more than at home. As soon as we got to the dirt road it was snow packed. I figured we would have to drive a ways to get to snow on the road. Makenna just loved it, she was very curious. She can actually see out the windshield and windows in the Bronco because the back seat is so much higher than normal. Here is my cute husband having fun playing in the snow.

She looks like she is asleep but her eyes are just closed because of the flash!


Another cute one of Ryan.

The waterfall, it's kinda hard to see in this one.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family pics 2009

We had family pictures done October 24 and they turned out so cute. I was so happy with the girl that did them. Her name is Brittney Miller and she is out of Layton. She did an awesome job! Since Makenna was a year and a half we did some of just her too. I love them all and just need to decide which one of all of us I want to blow up big to go on my wall now. But I can't decide. If you are needing someone to do pictures for family or kids or anything really her blog is