The Jamison Family

Ryan, Sarah, Makenna and Kai

Friday, January 28, 2011


January has come and gone! Already. Crazy how time flies to me. So we have had so much fun this past month. To start my sister Trista and her husband who have been living in Turkey came home for a surprise visit!! I was so shocked to see them. I had to look twice to make sure it was them I was seeing! So we hung out and had lots of fun together. I wish they were coming back for good. I miss having them here.

Baby room! (most likely)

Hallway downstairs
 We have been working on getting our basement finished for a few months now. Well since October and it's FINALLY done. We have been wanting to do it for longer and it always got forgotten about. I'm so glad it is done and out of the way. It feels so much less cluttered to have the extra space. Especially for all the toys! And I had to sweet talk my loving husband into painting upstairs and getting new carpet upstairs too. It wasn't very difficult though. He pretty much lets me have/do whatever I want. He is so good to me and Makenna. He works so hard and I just love how much he adores Makenna and loves taking care of her. I couldn't ask for a better husband or dad!

Makenna got her second haircut ever last week. I've decided she needs to have it cut or at least trimmed trimmed more often. So she won't be scared to have it done. She wasn't to sure about it this time. But Jamie got out her container of suckers and everything was happy again! :)

Picking out a sucker!

All done! The back view.

Oh and last but not least in January we had 

our first doctor's appointment. Yep, we're having another baby!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have felt so good this time being pregnant. It's great. If it could be like this every time I'd probably have more. But since there are no guarantees....we'll see. So anyway, I'm 12 weeks along and everything looked great on the ultrasound. So Makenna will have a new sister or brother in August.We tell her she is going to have a baby brother and sister and for the most part I think she is picturing a baby doll. She has so many and that is what she knows a baby is. Ryan is excited too. At first he was more excited that me. He's hoping for a boy, of course! Either way, pink or blue doesn't matter to me. I just wish it were possible to find out the gender sooner. I can't wait to have a tiny newborn again. Don't get me wrong I'm not excited for the 2am feedings etc. but I love when babies are so new and tiny and smell good and they're skin is flaky and they have little white bumps on there skin around their nose and how tiny everything is like diapers, clothes, bottles, and even their little baby poops. And the sound of a newborn cry. Just how different it sounds. So with all that blabbering I am pretty excited to say the least.

Aunt Trista is the best! Who else will let you eat jelly with a butter knife at a restaurant. 
So I tried to add a few more pictures and they order got all messed up and I can't figure out how to move them! So ta da! :)