The Jamison Family

Ryan, Sarah, Makenna and Kai

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I just thought I would mention what is new in our lives at this point in them.! Well not a lot has changed. Makenna is still just as energetic and growing as ever. She almost has all of her baby teeth. One last one is right there at the gum line trying to come in. Thank goodness. I am so glad that will be done for a while.

Ryan has finished all the painting on the shed and it is DONE!!! Woohoo. We well Ryan & my dad started building it last summer/fall-ish and now it is completely done. It is so nice to have everything out of the garage and have a place to put it and keep it out of the weather. Other than that he has just been working and do little projects here and there.

And for me not a lot has changed at all really. EXCEPT... I am an AUNT now!! And Ryan is an Uncle and Makenna has a cousin. A first for all of us. Very excite!! Shandi (Ryan's sister) had her cute lil baby boy Jordan on last Wednesday at 11:39pm. He weighed 8 lbs 12oz. and he sure is the cutest little thing ever. I LOVE his cry. It is so cute. I have never heard a baby cry so cute before.
Oh and I have been only working part time for now. Not by choice but at least I am able to still get some hours. Which I am thankful for. It's nice to be able to be with Makenna more in the day, get errands done and the house cleaned up more often. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010


We had such a fun Easter with Makenna this year! She woke up and was in her crib and could see her Easter basket in the living room and kept yelling "mom" so I went in to get her and she pointed to her basket and would pat her chest and say "my my". So I told her it was hers and she said "haa" (that means yeah). She sure know that she is the spoiled little princess that she is and that everything is hers! She loved finding all the eggs that were hidden around the house. Once she found one she was satisfied and didn't want to keep looking for more. But eventually she got them all. (All 29 of them). We went Grandma and Grandpa Jamison's for dinner and it was very yummy. My favorite, ham and potatoes. Kenna and Jaden had a hunt for candy outside. We visited for a while and went home. My mom and grandma came over to give Makenna a Easter treat. She got come new p.j.'s and big girl underwear, that she had to try on right away, a beach towel and a little wagon full of sand toys and little farm animal eggs with candy in them. And a bubble blower that Makenna tried to use as a blow dryer and got her hair stuck a few times...but it was only a little, not too bad! She had a blast and was very tired by 7:30pm came so she went to bed early and so did mom and dad!!