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Sunday, October 30, 2011

I will post again...I promise

I really will post again on this thing. I really like to blog. Just to be able to go back and read and remember things that have happened. But I just never have time. So one day I will post again! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I went to the doctor Thursday and she said I am measuring a week a head! I dunno if that's a good thing or not. So other than that everything was the same and I go back in two weeks. In two weeks she'll check me and see if I am starting to dilate or anything yet. And she'll be able to see what position the baby is in. Then I will go every week till he decides to come! And speaking of 'he' I think his name will be Malakai....Ryan really likes that name and I love the Kai part! :) Yeah. I think we have a name for our little guy. Finally! Only 39 days to go...till my due date. If he come two weeks early like Makenna did then only 25 more days! CRAZY! It makes me want to get everything ready even more. :)

Also, this past month my sweet family (in law) had a surprise baby shower for me. It was lots of fun and I got a lot of things I needed for baby! I didn't get any pictures but it was very fun and nice of you girls to do that for me. So thank you Debbie, Carlie, Cammie and Shandi!! 

Makenna got her shaggy hair cut and it looks so adorable on her. I'm glad I decided to just do it. I thought oh I don't want to cut her long hair. But it was so shaggy and hot. So I'm glad we did it. It's so cute on her! 

We of course did the cruise in this year as always. We did the poker run over to Bear Lake too. We usually don't play the game along the way but we did this year and it was way fun. It was nice to stop a few times on the way for Makenna to get out and walk around. She didn't get bored so easy. But she usually doesn't when we go in the Mustang. She LOVES that thing. It's so funny because I can totally see her Daddy in her when it comes to toys! 

I'm not even going to try to get these pictures in order...I think if  I were to put the pictures on first then type the words around the pictures that may work time I guess! 

Makenna feel asleep on the way home from the poker run! 

At the car show Saturday morning!

Some pictures of Daddy's car!

Playing in my pool!

Kai's closet

I made these star peg hooks to put in Kai's room!

The walls are still bare...but I am working on that!

Of course the cradle will go in my bedroom when he comes!

Car seat all ready for baby Kai! And one of the cute covers Maryann gave me at the shower.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

34 weeks!

I'm 34 weeks along today...and so ready to be done being pregnant! I almost feel bad saying that because compared to my pregnancy with Makenna this one has been a breeze, well till lately! I'm just so exhausted and tired and worn out. My legs hurt to stand and when I do I am out of breath. Or maybe it's just showing how out of shape I am and was even before being pregnant. My feet are pretty much always huge and swollen and so is my right hand. Weird. And I am pretty sure this baby is head down. I constantly feel like I am about to pee my pants and I have a lot of pressure in my pelvis. I hope that means he is getting ready to come. Anyway, I'll stop complaining. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a check up. I'm sure it will all be the same except I'm sure they'll tell  me I have gained more weight! I am so ready and excited to meet my little guy. I know life will just get more hectic for a while once he arrives and we get into a routine but I am so ready. I just want to see his cute lil face, hold and snuggle him. Lots. :)

I will post pictures later of our last month or so later!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 weeks! (68 days left)

I can't believe I am 30 weeks along in this pregnancy already! I am really starting to get uncomfortable. Like in bed at night, trying to change positions is hard. And just everyday things in general are harder. But who said it was easy right?! I am just so excited to meet  our little guy. I can't stand it. I think I tell Ryan everyday that I just want to see his face. Soon enough he will be here. I pretty much have his room and everything ready for him. I have washed 3 loads of clothes/blanket/bedding and miscellaneous things. He has quite a bit of newborn size clothes already but that's about it. I even have a few newborn size packages of diapers! Go me! I know they won't last long and he is going to grow very quickly out of the newborn size clothes. Good reason to go shopping after he gets here and I can see how 'big' he is going to be I guess!!! :)  Last weekend my friend had a yard sale and she had lots of baby boy clothes for sale, some of which still had tags on them. So I bought a few things from her.

As far as a name goes...we don't have one decided on yet. We have 9 more weeks to decide. I'm hoping not. I hope he comes in 7 weeks, on the 28th of July! Haha. Makenna was 2 weeks early and this would put this little guy 3 weeks early. So it could happen! Ryan really likes the name Race. I really like the name Makai, Kai for short. I think it goes cute with Makenna! There are so many different ways of spelling it to such as: Khi, Kye,Mekai, Makhi, Mckai and so on. I think I would stick with Makai. But I'm not sure if it sounds girly? A girl I work with says it does. So anyway you should all tell me your opinions! I would love to hear them!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 years AND 27 weeks!

So, Makenna's 3rd birthday was in March but I have been a big slacker and hadn't taken any "good" pictures of her. So last Friday I took some picture of Jordan my cute nephew and it got me motivated to do Makenna's the next day! They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself! I can't wait to have my little guy to take pictures of too! Only 13 more weeks, but I went to the doctor yesterday and I got the rhogam shot and they are only good for 12 weeks so I asked the nurse what if I go past 12 weeks and she said that they would probably induce me before it expires! So that was kinda cool. But my doctor has told me several times she doesn't think I will make it to 40 weeks because I labored on my own at 38 weeks with Makenna. I hope she's right because I have a feeling once August gets here I am going to be very miserable. It's already difficult to move around and my feet get huge and swollen. And I have been getting lovely heartburn.. But I'll take it over being nauseated. Yesterday, at work two old ladies asked me if I was having twins. I wanted to flip them the bird but I said nope, no way. So I asked my doctor if I looked huge and she said no and that I am measuring exactly where I should be. Oh and I have seen other 27 weekers and they look similar in size. So anyway I am getting very excited to meet my little guy! We still do not have a name narrowed down. Ryan likes Race, and I like Kai or Mckai. So we'll see I guess!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Checking out stuff in her Easter basket


Easter egg hunt.

Chopper wanted some candy too.

I know she looks like an Orphan here but once her hair was done she looked cute, even with the mac n cheese she had for brunch all over the front of her!

Just lots of pictures from Easter morning mainly. We had lots of fun during the day with lots of family!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I really really really wish God would have gave women a belly window! Literally, a window to see in our belly. Or maybe it could just develop during pregnancy! How awesome would that be? I have wanted so
many times to be able to look in and see my baby while pregnant. I can watch my belly moving because he is moving and I love to just watch it and I always wish I could see in a watch him move. would be so neat.